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Beauty is our pride as women. Hence, most of us would often go to great lengths just to make ourselves look more beautiful and youthful. The worst thing that could ever happen to us is to wake up with a tired face. Fatigued, tired and puffy eyes. Feeling exhausted in the morning. These are so common especially when you have been working so hard.

However, no matter how hard we try to stay beautiful, there would be times when we would end up looking worn out. This could be due to lack of sleep and rest, or even a poor diet due to our busy lifestyles.

I am sure that the last thing you would ever want to hear from your friends after trying hard just to stay awake after a hectic schedule is a sympathetic remark like – “Aww, you poor thing. You have such a tired face!”

Just knowing that your fatigue is obvious to others might actually crank up your nerves even higher! I complete understand this feeling. Whenever this happens to me, I would wish that I had an instant remedy on how to not be so tired.

If people know you are exhausted, RELAX. Your tired face is only temporary.

If you have not been getting enough sleep and rest, or have been forced to go on with a poor diet due to your busy lifestyle, there is one thing you need to know – You will never look as fresh as those who have a good 8 hours of sleep a day, a relaxed and leisurely lifestyle, or someone who has the ability to prepare nutritious meals for themselves.

Fortunately, there many natural beauty tips that you can follow to make you look less tired.

8 Effective Ways to Help You Hide a Tired Face

1) Splash your face with cold water

– Whenever I work till the wee hours of the morning, I would always wash my face with cold water before I go out of the house. I find that the cold water helps to awaken my senses and gives me that extra boost to start the day although I had very little sleep.

2) Wear bright coloured clothing

– I have always been fond of bright colours whether I have ample rest and sleep or not. I found that bright colours like baby blue, pink, light green and magenta are useful to reflect a youthful tone to my face and makes me look more cheerful and awake. This is a perfect solution if you are suffering from a tired face.

3) Drink lots of water

– Every time when I wake up, I will make sure to drink at least a glass of plain water before I do anything else. I find that whenever I just get out of bed, there is an acidic or bitter taste in my mouth that would not go away unless I drink a glass of water. Magic!

– If I am more tired than usual, I usually increase the amount of water I drink in the morning as it makes me feel better.

4) Put used teabags on your eyes

– This is one of the most common beauty tips and tricks that many people know about. For those who have exhausted eyes due to lack of sleep. Whenever you are having tea next time, don’t throw away your used teabag. Instead, store it in the refrigerator and put it on your eye bags when you have the time. Sleep with the used teabags on your eye bags for as long as you can. I have tried this technique and found that it really works!

5) Eyedrops

– If you use the computer for an extended amount of time or spend a considerably long time in an air-conditioned room, chances are you will find your eyes try, itchy and often reddish in colour. This is a sign that your eyes are not getting enough moisture as it should and this can create a tired look as well! To solve this, get artificial tears eyedrops and use it whenever necessary or as prescribed.

6) Wear earrings

– I do not wear earrings. However, one day when a good friend of mine was testing out earrings, I noticed the difference on her appearance when she took out her earrings and tried on a new set of earrings. She looked much more glamorous, bright and most importantly – awake when she wore earrings compared to when she took off her earrings.

7) Put on face moisturiser

– Not getting enough rest of sleep often reflects on our skin complexion. A tired skin is often dry and dull in texture. So, to make yourself look less tired, it is important to apply a good face moisturiser to your face to rejuvenate your look. Regular application of moisturise to your face will enable your skin to look baby smooth and in the long run will help you to maintain a youthful looking face.

8) Wake up early in the morning and talk to yourself

– What do you do when you have an appointment at 9am in the morning? Wake up at 8am and rush through your morning to be in time for that appointment? Bad idea. It is never good to wake up and give yourself little time to get ready. Your will end up with a tired looking face and stressed look. Instead, wake up extra early and give yourself ample time to get ready. If you got time, turn on the radio and just say a few sentences to yourself for 3-5 minutes before you head to work or to meet your friends. That way, when you meet your colleagues or friends, you will not sound as if you just got out of bed!

I guess that rounds up all my tips on how to hide a tired face. I hope you found them useful.

Caroline Poh

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