New Year Resolution Ideas

Live Sydney New Year Telecast

Live Sydney New Year 2015 telecast

To all my readers, Happy New Year 2015! May this New Year bring you joy and abundance in anything you strive for. =)

As I waited patiently in front of my television on New Year’s Eve to view the live telecast from Sydney showing the New Year firework countdown display, a feeling of anticipation filled my mind instantly.

Then when the clock struck 12 midnight, there came the firework display! As I watched the beautiful fireworks, it then became a reality to me – the year 2014 has come to an end and it’s a beginning of a new year!

Have I achieved everything I wanted in 2014 – NO. Have I achieved a lot of things I wanted to achieve in 2014 – YES. So that’s why there’s always a chance to bring forward my previous goals of 2014 to be achieved in 2015!

Do you have a New Year resolution? I’ve got many…but the main ones are striving towards eating more home-cooked food, leading a healthier lifestyle, building my career and improving my blog.

If you haven’t made a New Year resolution yet, it’s never too late to make a list! Your resolution need not be complicated. It’s okay to strive towards something big like – becoming a millionnaire by the end of this year, but try to be realistic when coming up with your list so you don’t get disappointed. If you want to become a millionnaire, come up with an ‘action’ plan so that you can achieve this or if not – head towards achieving this by the end of this year. =)

If you have no idea what your New Year resolution should be, here are some ideas for you:-

1) Health
2) Wealth
3) Relationship
4) Career
5) Holiday and Leisure

I hope you’ll be able to trigger some resolution ideas from these five areas.

I had a great New Year’s day just chilling out at home. Interestingly, I also experienced a memorable incident on New Year’s Day. Want to know what happened?

Here’s the story:

large egg in medium egg carton

One large egg in a medium egg carton

When I went to do my Christmas shopping, I bought a carton of eggs. I usually buy the medium sized eggs because they are cheaper than the large ones. After coming back from my grocery shopping, I opened the carton of eggs only to discover that I have one very large egg in the carton. I immediately thought that the workers at the egg farm must have put the large egg in the medium sized egg carton by mistake and I was lucky enough to get a large egg for the price of a medium one.

large and medium egg

Large egg vs medium egg

I took the egg out and compared it to another medium size egg. The large one is twice the size of the medium sized egg.

twin eggs

Twin eggs

We had a lot of food to eat on Christmas Day and the days after it so I did not use the eggs in the carton right until New Year’s Day.

So on New Year’s Day, I finally decided to make ‘Nyonya’ style eggs (fried eggs with tamarind sauce). As I cracked opened the large egg, I was surprise to find out that it was an egg containing twins!

I don’t know about what others may think about this incident, but for my husband and I, we feel that it is a good sign for the New Year. It signifies double happiness and double fruitfulness.

fried twin eggs

Fried twin eggs

While cooking the egg, I was beaming with joy. The egg was so huge that it filled both of us up. I have a feeling this year is going to be a year of abundance for us.

How was your New Year’s Day celebration? Hope it was good too!

Caroline Poh

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