Welcome to Colour it Bright!

I am Caroline Poh, the founder of Colour it Bright.

Writing and delving deep into topics that are not usually discussed in public but are present in our everyday lives as women have always been something that I am passionate about. Besides this, I also enjoy sharing to others about more fast, convenient and unique ways to improve their quality of life in the demanding fast paced modern-day society.

Through my experience communicating with fellow female friends and family members, I noticed the need for young women to gain access to more engaging and informative views on everyday issues that they face to discover different ideas, methods and alternatives to help them live a better lifestyle and to make better decisions.

With that, Colour it Bright was born!


Colour it Bright is a personalised website to empower young women or those who love to celebrate the modern-day lifestyle. This website is focused on addressing real life issues related to areas like health, relationships, home, family, work and money. It also serves as a platform to share new ideas on fashion, beauty, food and travel.

It is my greatest aim for this website to help broaden the readers ‘ perspective on certain issues as well as to introduce them to various products that are fast, convenient and unique to assist them in their everyday lives so that they can live their lives to the fullest!

I hope you enjoy reading my website and it will be beneficial to you. For suggestions or comments to improve this website, kindly complete the form at the Contact Page.

Caroline Poh

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