How to Buy Clothes Online that Actually Fit You

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I personally feel that nothing beats the great feeling to going to boutiques, just trying out clothes that you would like to buy. However, when you live in a place where the variety of clothing styles are so limited or in a location where clothes are simply too expensive and beyond your reach, then buying clothes online can be a good alternative for you.

Purchasing your clothes online can be tricky. You may sometimes be disappointed with your choice when you receive your clothes. To minimise your disappointment, you need to learn how to buy clothes online that actually fit you.

Here are some useful tips:

Tips to buy clothes online that actually fit you

1) Take accurate measurements of yourself

Always take into consideration that a size 10 for company A may be a size 8 for company B. So, by knowing your sizes with this method may not get you your perfect clothes fit. Before buying clothes online, take accurate measurements of yourself. For women, you need to concentrate on getting measurements of your “natural waste”, the slimmest part of your torso. You would also want to take measurements of your actual waist, although this may not always be necessary.

The best way for you to get accurate measurements for your clothes is to let a professional take them for you, such as a tailor or specialist shop. They may charge a small fee to do this for you, but it’s worth it.

2) Record your past purchases from favourite online retailers

Take note of all your past purchases. Once you’ve bought clothing from a particular retailer that actually fits, write down the sizes that had actually fit you. There is a likelihood that different retailers would display sizes with different measurements. So write down the retailer and pair them with the sizes you went for that actually worked well for you.

This chart may help you discover what size you are:

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3) Buy a slightly larger size

If you get a really good deal online, you can buy your clothes and dresses at a slightly larger size. Once you receive the clothing, you can find a tailor or seamstress to make alterations and adjustments for you to customised it to your body size. You can get your jeans and slacks hemmed as well as dresses and blouses fitted to your measurements. This tip is especially good when getting expensive clothing at a fraction of a price online because even after hiring a tailor or seamstress, the clothing will end up much cheaper than the price in a retail shop.

4) Plug your measurements into websites like Sizecharter

If you are in doubt about what sizes you should buy, go to websites like Sizecharter and put down your body measurements. The website will let you know what size you are for popular brands.


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5) Opt to buy Silhouettes for skirts and dresses

Another good option if you are worried about getting a right size when buying your clothes online is to buy specific silhouettes. This works perfectly when you wish to buy skirts and dresses.

The images below illustrate the types of skirts and dresses you can buy that would be easy to match any size:

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Silhouette dresses

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6) Return policy

Before purchasing any clothes online, make sure that the online retailer has a good return policy. When your clothes arrive, try them on as soon as possible. Do not remove any tags or stickers so that you can return them as soon as you find out that they do not fit you. This should only be your last option as you may need to pay the postage cost to return the clothes to the online retailer.

Buying clothes online can improve your personal style at affordable and bargain prices. However, by taking some of these extra steps, you can avoid wasting money and time returning your bought clothes that do not fit you.

Have you benefited from any of these tips? Or do you have more tips to share when talking about shopping for clothes online? I’d love to know!

Before you browse the internet to buy more clothes online, I’d like to wish you happy shopping and have fun!


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  1. Hi there! Oh wow, when you said that buying a slightly bigger sized attire is not really that bad, it really enlightened me. I’ve been searching for the perfect winter outfits that actually suits my body type. I’ll certainly remember this tip when I make a purchase later.

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