10 Great Ways to Exercise at Work

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If you ended yourself up with a desk-bound job, chances are you are probably not getting enough workout than you should.You must be wondering what are some of the ways to exercise at work, given your lack of time and high demands at the workplace.

Believe it or not – Exercising can actually increase your productivity at work. When you are physically fit and healthy, you have able to work much better and get sick less often.

Many who work in desk-bound jobs unfortunately find it hard to get enough time to fit an exercising routine into their lifestyle. There are actually many ways to exercise while at work, if you are ready to think outside-the-box.

In this article, I have specially compiled ten great ways to exercise at work that may be almost equivalent to having a gym and toning workout. These tips are especially useful for desk-bound workers. It’s time to kick out that unhealthy sedentary lifestyle by getting an office workout to get fit!

10 best office workouts

Take the stairs

Instead of taking the lift or escalator to get to work, choose to take the stairs. Taking the stairs is a good form of body workout and can burn a lot of calories and improve your cardiovascular rate. If you want to get even better results, take stairs two at a time!

Tap your Toes

While you are at work, you can secretly tap your toes against the floor under your desk. Now that’s one of the best ways to exercise at work without getting too much attention!

Walk during work

When you need to contact a colleague or welcome a new employee, choose to walk! Resist contacting them through phone extensions or e-mails whenever possible. Take this as your chance to get some exercise.

Dance in your seat

There is absolutely no harm in doing a seated dance while in your office cubicle. Listen to your favourite music (with headphones) and dance quietly in your seat without disturbing other people. This not only keeps you fit, but it also makes work a fun activity that you can look forward to everyday!

Raise your legs

This is a really good exercise that is hardly noticeable under your desk. All you need to do is just lift up and straighten one or both your legs and hold them for five seconds.

Shoulder Move

If your work requires heavy computer usage, you will most probably suffer from stiff shoulders. To overcome this, simply raise both your shoulders up for five seconds then move them back down. You can also move your shoulders to the front and back repeatedly until your shoulders feel better.

Desk Chair Swivel

Practically everyone plays with their swivel chair at work! A fun exercise you can do with your chair is to hold the edge of your desk with your hands, position yourself a fair distance from the desk and then raise your feet slightly above the ground. Then you should pull your arms towards the edge of the desk. This is one of the best ways to exercise at work if you are sitting down all the time.

Fitness Ball

If you do not mind being different, choose to sit on a fitness ball instead of your regular office chair! By sitting on this fitness ball, you will improve your balance and tone your core muscles. Make sure you are able to safely balance yourself on the ball before choosing to use it at work.

Small Hand Weights

You can bring weight-like resistance equipments like small hand weights to work. Use them whenever you have time.

Walk Faster

If your work requires you to walk, try to walk faster than you usually do. Walking faster can be more beneficial for your health than walking at a normal pace.

These 10 ways to exercise at work are just some of the many methods that you can use. There are so many other workouts you can do at work. It’s time to get creative and come up with new ways to stay healthy at your desk-bound job.

Which of these exercise methods did you like the best? Do you have any other tips to share?






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