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With social media being part of our lives nowadays, looking good in photos has become more and more important in maintaining our self-image and confidence. Some people are natural posers. Others look better in person than in photos. If you are often disappointed by how you look in photos, it’s probably time for you to take action and learn how to look better in photos.

Looking good in pictures will need some time and practice. But once you mastered the art of being photogenic, you’ll be taking good pictures in no time! Try these tips to look great in photos.

Tips for Looking Good in Photos

1) Get your eyebrows trimmed and filled with a good quality eye brow pencil. Use a darker brow pencil to get better pictures of yourself.

2) Avoid showing a double chin by pushing your face and chin forward slightly while elongating your neck. This will help define your jawline and makes your face look thinner.

3) Posing correctly will significantly make you have great pictures. Know how to show your ‘good’ side. Try a number of poses and see which ones suit you the best. I found some great tutorials about posing here.

4) Try lifting your face with some added colours to your cheeks. By applying some blush to your cheeks, you can avoid having two dimension, paled or washed-out look in your photos. You can apply a warm rose, coral, peach or pink blush to your cheeks as they will work perfectly fine.

5) Having unnecessary glow to your skin can be very unflattering. Hence, to eliminate any shiny skin, remove oil from your face with a blotting paper. After this, apply some powder on the oily parts of your face.

6) Choose your lipstick wisely. Avoid using dark coloured lip colours as they look unflattering. Instead, use brighter colours like a berry lip colour. It helps to draw attention to your face the right way.

7) You can fake a tummy tuck by twisting your torso, and turning one of your shoulders towards the camera while moving your other shoulder away from the camera. If you follow this technique, it will make you look slimmer.

8) Your hair will look better in photos when it has volume. To create volume to your hair, blow out your hair with a wide-tooth comb. After this, shake the hair and use your fingers to run through it. This will help shake up your hair. You can also tuck in your hair behind your ears to make your cheekbones look more lifted.

9) Wear clothes and accessories that actually make you look good. There are so many techniques to making your body look great when it comes to clothing and accessories. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your body shape and try to use these to your advantage.

I hope you managed to gain some useful tips on how to look better in photos. Did you find these tips helpful? Are there any other tips that I have not covered that worked best for you?


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