14 Best Sweetest Day Gifts for Him

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It’s always difficult whenever it comes to shopping for presents for loved ones. It is even more challenging finding gifts for men if you are a woman! To me, finding something to buy for a woman is very easy as it is pretty obvious – perfumes, home decorations, kitchen items, jewellery, clothes or handbags. Basically, if a gift works for me, it would probably be received with opened arms by another woman, right? I may be wrong, but I find it harder figuring out what to buy for men, especially if he is someone special to me. If you are still struggling to find out the perfect present for your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, brother or father, then don’t fret.

I will take you on a journey of discovery with my ‘sweetest day gifts for him’ recommendations so that your next gift would be a great blessing to your loved ones no matter the season. You can use my advice to buy a gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other celebration. The choice is up to you. Happy shopping!

Below are my tips:-

My Top 14 Picks for Amazing Gift Ideas for Him

1. Assorted chocolate gift box or dark chocolate liqueurs

assorted chocolate gift box

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This give is only suitable if the person loves to eat chocolates. Find out if he likes dark or white chocolates. It’s even better if you know what chocolate brand he likes so you can get exactly what he wants.

2. Men’s Colognes

men cologne

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This can be quite tricky if you don’t know what type of cologne fragrances he likes. But if you have a strong sense of smell and can detect the fragrance he goes for, then this is a luxurious gift that he will appreciate very much.

3. Personal Journal

personal journal

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A gift like this will be put into good use especially if he is a busy executive who is constantly meeting tight deadlines. This is also good for a busy retiree who loves making appointment with friends.

4. Men’s Leather Wallet

leather wallet

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This is your safest bet if you don’t really want to risk getting the wrong thing. Every man needs a wallet. If he doesn’t need to use it right now because he already has a wallet, he’ll be using the wallet you gave him sooner or later anyway!

5. Fitness Trackers

fitness tracker

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A perfect gift for someone who loves to exercise. It’s even better if this person embraces new technology, because this is quite a new thing in the market at the moment.

6. Picnic Hamper

picnic hamper

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This will put a smile on his face if he loves the great outdoors and organises outdoor gatherings with family and friends. It won’t be long until he organizes another outing again. So he will surely use this present!

7. Travel Case

travel case

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For someone who loves travelling or works in a job that requires going to different places for business trips, this is an ideal gift. It’s not bulky, light and masculine in design.

8. Cufflinks


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This is great if he loves going to formal dinners or elegant celebration events. It’ll go great with his shirts. Because of their neutral colours, it will complement practically any shirt.

9. BBQ Tool Set

bbq tool set

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If you often see him spending time barbecuing meals for friends and family, it’s time for you to reward him with a new barbecue tool set. He’ll love you for it!

10. Coffee Mugs

coffee mugs

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This is another really safe bet if you are afraid you’ll buy something totally useless for him. If he doesn’t drink coffee, he would probably drink tea, hot chocolate or other hot drinks, right?

11. Stylus ball point pen

black stylus ball point pen

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If he is always spending a good amount of time in the office, this pen will help to motivate him to keep on going. It’s elegant and practical. And he will use this everyday!

12. Glass Coasters

glass coasters

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Unlike other types of feminine looking coasters, glass versions are very masculine in nature. They blend even better if he has a wooden coffee or dining table to showcase them.

13. Canvas Prints

canvas prints

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If you have the opportunity to get to know his appreciation in art, then getting canvas prints can be good. This is however quite tricky as you need to know exactly what sort of art theme he likes to display at his home, office or room.

14. Men’s T-shirt

men's t-shirt

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Quite a safe option – if he is not really picky with t-shirt designs. It really helps if you know his favourite colour – at least!

These are some of the best options if you are looking for ‘sweetest day gifts for him’. Did you find my tips on buying presents for men helpful? Or do you have any other ideas to share?

Caroline Poh

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