5 Minute Makeup That’ll Make You Gorgeous Instantly

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Ideally, we would love to leave the house looking like a beauty queen. But in reality, we usually don’t have the time to makeup for 30 minutes. If you are someone who has very little spare time especially in the morning before going to work, then this 5 minute makeup tutorial may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Below are my quick makeup tips:-

Simple Steps to Applying Makeup in Minutes

1. Refresh your Complexion

Give your face a good splash of water, cleanse and moisturize it. This is a good practice to maintain healthy looking skin and helps to prepare your face for applying makeup.

2. Cover Up Any Blemishes

You can make pimples less obvious by using a yellow-based cover-up. Pat it on with a concealer brush and blend it with your finger. After this, use foundation to even your skin tone. Start by dabbing it to your chin, the sides of your nose and around your eyes. You can mix one part foundation to one part liquid illuminator to give a gorgeous glow to your face.

3. Awaken Your Eyes

To make yourself look more awake, apply black mascara to your eye lashes. Start by applying from the roots to the tip. I must admit that this wouldn’t really work if you have squint eyes.

4. Display Healthy Looking Cheeks

If you look tired or have a pale complexion, add some blush to your cheeks. Use a soft brush to apply the blush on your cheek bones. To determine where to apply your blush, smile and see where your cheeks are.

5. Finish with a Great Smile

Complete your fabulous look by adding lip colour and a soft gloss. By applying gloss to your lips, your lips will look fuller. It’s best to use a gloss that is a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour.

That’s it!

Now you can walk out the door with confidence, looking fabulous, with my 5 minute makeup tips. Use this quick makeup routine every day before going to work or meeting with friends and family.

Did you find these tips useful? Or do you have other 5 minute makeup tips to share?

Caroline Poh

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