Best Materials That’ll Keep you Warm in Winter

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If you’re been living in a tropical country all your life and have decided to move to a cold climate country, chances are – you won’t have a clue about choosing warm clothing. With so many winter clothes available, it’s not surprising to end up buying winter wear that don’t protect you against the cold weather.

Have you ever bought winter clothes and coats, only to find out later that they don’t keep you warm? If that happened, then you have probably chosen outfits that have not been made with right materials.

If you’re been buying all the wrong clothing for the cold season, then you definitely benefit from these tips:-



Wool is the best fabric for winter wear. This material keeps your body warm. It’s also a breathable material. However, this material is not water proof. If it gets wet, it tends to retain moisture.


This is a very similar material to wool. The difference is that it derives from the Kashmir goat. The cashmere material is soft and luxurious. However, this material requires more maintenance as compared to wool, which can be costly.


This is a very durable, flexible, elegant and stylish material for winter clothes. Tweed is often used to make suit jackets, trousers and waistcoats.


Nylon is a synthetic fabric often used as the outer layer of down jackets. It also acts as a windbreaker to protect you against cold air during winter. Down jackets are made with either natural goose feather or synthetic down. Such jackets are rain proof. However, you will feel cold when the down jacket gets rain on it.


Leather jackets and coats can be worn throughout the year. Leather is a natural and tightly structured fabric. Winter jackets made weather resist wrinkling and staining.


Corduroy is a great fabric that keeps you warm. It is very flexible and usually used to make trousers. If you have a corduroy shirt, wear it over your cotton shirt to keep you warm. This fabric is great for casual outfits.

Fur and Faux Fur

Natural fur helps to keep you warm during winter. However, if you do not like the idea of wearing real fur, faux fur can be a good alternative. When buying faux fur clothing, choose wisely. Poor quality faux fur may not keep you warm.


Fleece is a synthetic fiber. It is a very common winter material available. It keeps you warm and it is also soft and very comfortable. Make sure to buy a good fleece winter wear so that it keeps you warm. Polar fleece is often used to make jackets, sweaters and hats.

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What do you usually wear for winter? Do they keep you warm enough? Do you have any advice on what to wear for the cold season?


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