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I am a woman with wide feet. When I was growing up, I envied my friends who have narrow feet as they could fit in practically any type of shoes they wanted. As a girl, I used to tie my toes with a rope and force myself to wear narrow fitted slippers the whole day, thinking that it would mould my feet to become narrow. I even forced myself to wear dainty, pointed shoes just to look feminine but ended up with a lot of blisters afterwards. The more I tried, the more it hurt. So, I gave up one day!

It was just so difficult for me to find cute, feminine shoes with my monster sized feet. In my teens, while other girls at school were exploring different types of shoes, I was seen in only chunky platform shoes and casual sandals. There was always an inner part of me who wanted to be like the rest – wearing dainty looking shoes with different designs. I could still recall the countless times I bought shoes that looked great, only to discover that my feet wouldn’t fit well in them in the end.

As I grew up, I became wiser in shopping for shoes for my wide feet. I was more honest with myseIf and would even refuse to buy cute and affordable shoes if I found them uncomfortable. It was still difficult for me to find suitable shoes, but I looked at the bright side of things. Not being able to find shoes easily meant that I could save lots of money. And when I finally find that stylish and comfortable footwear that suits my feet, it’s without a doubt that I would be able to afford the occasional splurge, even if it meant spending a little bit more money that I initially wanted.

Below are some simple ways I often use to find comfortable shoes for my wide feet:

Tips for Finding Wide Fit Ladies Shoes

1. Simple Straps

Shoes with straps look really great and feminine. But be careful when choosing these types of shoes. Don’t choose shoes with too many straps as they won’t give your wide feet much room and comfort. Instead, go for shoes with only one or two straps. Another tip is to touch the straps with your fingers to feel if there are any sharp edges. If you detect any sharp edges, don’t buy the shoes. Search for straps that are soft, comfortable and flexible so that it would mould to your foot better.

2. Adjustable Features

Shoes with adjustable features such as adjustable buckles and elastic materials are great for wide feet as they can be adapted to follow the size of your feet. These types of shoes are quite hard to find, but when you do find them, they’re definitely worth the buy. They make amazing wider fit shoes.

3. Heels and Toes

Choose rounded toe shoes that allow your toes to move about. They are far more comfortable than pointed toe shoes. Before purchasing, use your fingers to slightly press the toe area of your shoes to see how much room your toes have. If your toes are hitting against the walls of the shoes, then do not buy them. You should have at least some space in between your toes and the walls of the shoes. When choosing the heels, go for thicker and wider heels as they will give your feet more balance and support.

4. Soft Fabrics

It’s advisable to choose softer fabrics for your wide feet. Suede and soft leathers will mould better to your feet compared to harder materials. Hence, they make good shoes for wide feet. They are stretchable and will save you from having blisters.

So, this concludes my buying guide for finding shoes for women with wide feet. Found any of my tips useful? Or do you have other tips to share?

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