10 Reasons Why Working Moms are Super Heroes

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We’ve all heard stories about women with high positions and well-paying jobs who have sacrificed everything to care for their children. We know about their unconditional love for their families too. But what about working moms? Don’t they deserve the same praises as stay at home mums? There is sadly a wrong perception about working moms in society that has to be changed once and for all. Working moms are often judged for choosing their careers over their children. Being a working mom does not mean that they love their children any less than a stay at home mom. In fact, we should all pay tribute to all the working mothers because they have sacrificed so much to contribute to society and the financial wellbeing of their families. I personally admire working mothers. To me, working mothers are super heroes!

Here are the reasons why we should appreciate and respect working moms:-

The Sacrifices of a Working Mother

1. They Pay the Family Bills

With the rising cost of living, it’s no longer an option for families to survive with a single income. Many women are forced to work to support their families. It’s hard for a mother to part from her children to go to work. But due to circumstances, many have decided to continue working after having children although the guilt of leaving their children behind to be cared by someone else remains. This is a great heartbreaking sacrifice that a working mother probably faces every day.

2. They Provide for Their Children’s Education

Some parents will do what it takes to send their children to the best private schools in town. The best schools often have excellent facilities and better teachers. Most often, these schools come with a price. So, when a single income is not enough to fund their children’s education, these brave mothers step in and do the job by getting out there into the workforce. For those who do not believe in private schools, whatever extra income they earn for the family are often saved to fund their children’s higher education, for example, college and university fees.

3. They Show Great Example to Their Children

Working mothers juggle both work and families to show to their children that a woman can have it all – family, kids and an awesome career. They show their children that they can reach for their dreams despite having a family.

4. They Sacrifice All Their Hobbies

A working mother’s life is very demanding. Waking up early, rushing to work and taking care of the kids whenever they are at home is enough to take up the whole day! Most often, working moms would have to sacrifice their hobbies in order to focus on the family and work.

5. They Work an Extra ‘Job’

Besides being stressed out with work demands during office hours, when they get home, they have an extra ‘job’ to worry about. Helping out with the kids!

6. Their Brains are Working 24/7

At work, they are busy cracking their heads to solve work-related challenges. The moment they get home, they have to use their brains again to help their children with their school homework!

7. They Get No Breaks

Being a working mum can be very tiring and physically demanding. From the moment they wake up, they are busy preparing the kids for school. Then, they have to rush to look great for work. After work, it’s back to the kids until bedtime. There usually isn’t any time for breaks in between.

8. They Contribute to Society

Holding positions (any position) means that they contribute greatly to society. They could be doctors, school teachers, waiting staff, administrators or anything at all. The bottom of the story is that they are doing something to either hold a company together, fix people up or keep the society going strong.

9. They Worry the Whole Day About Their Kids

It’s terrible enough worrying whether they can get their jobs done in time so that they can fetch the kids from school. But during working hours, these dedicated moms often worry about the wellbeing of their children as well. For example, they worry about whether their children are being taken care of properly or have their children gotten themselves into trouble at school. They probably worry all the time!

10. They Love Their Kids Although They are Stressed with Work

After having a bad day at work, they still come home with smiles on their faces when they see their children. They do not show tantrums at their kids despite being yelled at by customers at work, being badly treated by their superiors or having headaches with their colleagues. They just switch off and joyously embrace their kids! How amazing is that?

These are just some of the reasons why we should respect and appreciate working moms. Do you have a story you would like to share about being a working mother?

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