How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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Being comfortable in your own skin can be challenging. In society, we are constantly judged by our looks, financial status, career and attire. Most often, it may seem as though our lives are being put on centre stage and we are the performers. Are you currently living a life that is not your own just to impress others? Then, stop! It’ll only make your life miserable.

Learning how to be comfortable in your own skin takes a lot of courage and determination. However, once you learn to accept yourself and your choices openly without the need to impress or to compare yourself to others, you will live a much happier life.

Below are some useful tips for those of you who are still struggling to feel comfortable in your own skin:


Speak Kindly to Yourself

When you fail at something or are weak at certain areas in life, do not speak harshly to yourself. Instead, learn to lift yourself up by speaking words of kindness and encouragement to yourself. This will help you to get out of any negative mood that you are in so that you will be ready to take on what lies ahead in your life.

Take Care of Your Wellbeing

Get enough sleep, ensure a well balanced diet, drink enough water and exercise daily. This will help you to be emotionally stable and healthy. When your body is healthy, you naturally feel happy and good about yourself.

Meditate to Find Out What You Really Want in Life

You may have already achieved a high financial status, established a family and owned the house and car of your dreams – but still living a miserable and unhappy life. Sometimes, it’s important to have some time alone to meditate. During your time alone, take a deep breath and think about your life and what it is that is missing in your life that is making you unhappy. You may desire more time with your family, a different sort of career path or more time away from your busy schedule. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to determine what is making you unhappy and work towards improving your life to fill that missing puzzle.

Do Things that Makes You Happy

With the busy lifestyles that we lead, it’s quite rare for people to have hobbies nowadays. Do you like to have regular barbecue gatherings with your friends and family, or an annual trip overseas to fulfill your bucket list? Do you like hiking and other outdoor activities? Or you simply like to chill out at a posh coffee shop with a cake and coffee while watching the evening go by? Whatever you like to do, just make it happen. When you do the things that makes you happy, you are truly living a life that is your own.

Love Your Appearance and Accept Your Physical Flaws

Don’t look like a super model? Who cares! Even models and actresses have their own physical flaws. You probably just do not notice it.

Enjoy Showing Your Unique Personality

Do you like to laugh loudly, share stupid jokes or exhibit a quirky personality? Do people often ask you to behave like a ‘woman’ or a ‘young lady’? Do you feel suffocated when trying to be Ms Womanly Woman? Then, just be yourself! You’ll be surprised at how a room can lighten up with your unique personality. People will actually thank you for it!

Dare to Dream

When we were kids we were not shy to tell everyone about the most ridiculous dreams ever. But when we grow up, we become afraid to dream big. Why put obstacles in our minds and stop us from dreaming? Why let negativity get in the way of our bigger dreams? Anything is possible if you dare to dream! The world is your oyster.

Stay Away from Those Who Will Never Understand and Accept You

Have you ever been with a group of friends who force you to do things that you hate to do and when you do not want to do it, they make fun of you or threaten to abandon the friendship? Just let them go. There are plenty more friends you can make who will share your same interests. It’ll be so much cooler to hangout with people who accept you for who you are. Friends who make fun of you or who do not try and understand you are not worth keeping.

Live Passionately and Follow Your Dreams

You may have a dream that you’ve been holding on for a long time. Wake up energised every day, knowing that you’re one step closer to your dream. Work towards it and enjoy every moment in heading towards your ultimate destiny!

Never Speak Negatively About Yourself to Others

Do not ever speak negatively about yourself to other people. It will make you feel more miserable. Always highlight the positives about yourself to others and be yourself.

Accept Your Imperfections

Are you bad at mathematics, writing or public speaking? Well, everyone is made differently. We all have our own unique gifts and talents. So why moan about something that you don’t have when you have a lot of other talents to celebrate?

Feeling comfortable in your own skin can take a lot of work. But with great determination, I’m sure that it can be achievable. I hope the tips that I have shared will encourage you to accept yourself. Enjoy every moment of your life. Remember, it’s your life after all!


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