Foot Problems from Wearing High Heels

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I absolutely adore wearing high heels, especially during special occasions and company events. Wearing high heels usually gives me a sense of elegance and a feel of femininity.  However it’s very normal to suffer from foot problems from wearing high heels.

I can relate to how good it feels just gliding prominently along a crowd of people during such events, walking in high heels. They match with just any carefully chosen outfit to give a good first impression of yourself to others.

Although I love wearing these type of shoes, I have to admit that not all high heels are comfortable to wear, especially for an extended period of time. From experience, I found that if I would to stand for a long time in my high heels, I would suffer from foot problems from wearing high heels. The front of my feet would usually hurt. This is because when I wear such shoes, my feet are forced into a tiptoe – bringing a lot of pressure to the front part of my feet. This causes pain in the heel of the foot.

I’m not the only one who suffered from this. In fact, this is known as a very common problem faced by women all over the world. I used to search high and low for solutions to solve the foot problems from wearing high heels. I found out that they sold gel heel pads at pharmacies, which I felt would solve my high heel foot problems. Unfortunately, if I used them, I would have to buy a set of gel heel pads for each pair of shoes – which would turn out pretty costly for me. So I never really tried gel heel pads although I felt it would be great. But that never stopped me from finding my perfect solution to help my feet in high heels.

The Solution to My Problem

One fine day, a local pharmacy that I visited started stocking up on high heel shoes fore foot tiptoe protector pads. These tiptoe protector pads were ideal for me as I can just slip them on just before I wear my high heels and I can use them over and over again for all my other high heels without breaking the bank! I got them immediately and started wearing them.

High heel foot pad front

The foot pads come in different designs. These are the two designs I have.

High heel foot pad cushion

The foot pad cushion helps to reduce pressure on my feet while standing.

Since then, I never looked back! My feet never felt so comfortable before in high heels until I started wearing these foot protector pads. I would greatly recommend anyone who love wearing high heels.

Caroline Poh

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