Is Getting a Dog Right for You?

golden retriever puppy

My family dog, Amber – when she was a puppy

Cute and adorable. Getting a dog may seem like your solution to ending that loneliness or cheering you up on a stressed day. But before you decide to adopt a dog, here are some questions you will need to ask yourself:

1) Do you have time for your dog?

Raising a dog is more than just providing food, shelter and toys. To raise a happy dog, you need time to walk, bath, groom and feed your dog with lots of love and affection. Caution: If you do not spend enough time with your dog, your dog may do crazy things like howling, knocking down your vases and decorative items, chewing on something or destroying your furniture just to get your attention!

2) Do you have money to raise your dog?

If you do not have enough money to even feed yourself, then getting a dog will not only add burden to your expenses – but it may cause misery to your dog as it may be left to go hungry.

3) Do you travel a lot?

If you love to travel a lot, you have to take into consideration potential pet boarding expenses which could cause hefty sums of money – unless you have great relatives or friends who are willing to care for your dog while you are away for free.

4) Are you allowed to keep a dog in your apartment/house?

Some countries prohibit keeping dogs in apartments and strata-titled houses. Before you even decide to adopt a dog, check out the rules and regulations with your local council. If you are prohibited to keep a dog at the place where you live, you could face heavy fines and the possibility of having your beloved dog confiscated.

5) Do you have enough patience to keep and train your dog?

If you adopt a dog and just leave it alone without spending much time with it, do not ever expect it to behave. A well-behaved dog is one that has been trained by its owner for a significant amount of time. To train your dog, you need a lot of patience and time.

6) Do you mind getting your house messy and furniture destroyed?

Especially if you are adopting a puppy – be prepared for it to chew on practically everything – your shoes, your socks, your wall, your cupboard knobs, your table legs – EVERYTHING! So if you have a lot of designer furniture, you might want to think twice before getting a dog or get a whole new set of furniture once your dog grows up.

7) Are there any dog haters in your house?

You may be a dog lover, but there may be dog haters in your house – such as your partner, parents, siblings or children. I strongly advise you to consider the consequences of leaving your dog for extended amount of time with others who do not love dogs because dogs naturally need a lot of love in order to feel secure and happy. Leaving a dog surrounded with dog haters may cause it to feel traumatised.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Caroline Poh

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