What do the Lonely do at Christmas

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Celebrate this festive occasion with joy always (Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.

When we talk about Christmas, what usually comes to mind is a festive season that involves shopping for gifts, decorating your house with a pine tree, planning the menu for a delicious meal and most importantly getting ready for that long-awaited family reunion. But have you ever wondered what do the lonely do at Christmas?

In reality, for many of us, this is a time that we would feel lonelier than ever. If you are someone who often spends festive seasons by yourself, you probably would be singing “Another lonely Christmas” silently in your head when the holidays draw nearer.

If you are often feeling lonely this Christmas and wondering whether you can do anything to bring in the festive mood…Then the answer is – YES!

Below are some suggestions:-

What do the lonely do at Christmas

Indulge yourself with your favourite food

Love those delicious seafood or cheese platters that you usually hesitate on buying all year round because they are too expensive? Why not make it a point to buy them to mark this special occasion? After all, you won’t want to miss out on celebrating this special day. You deserve to enjoy this celebration whether you are celebrating a lonely Christmas or not!

Buy yourself a gift

If you have been working hard all this while and saving your money to buy that special something but have decided not to buy it after you have saved all that money, now could be the time for you to buy it! You won’t feel lonely for Christmas when you are so occupied enjoying your new present.

Decorate your house with festive decorations

Christmas decorations need not be expensive if you know where to buy them. A quick trip to the Dollar shop or Opportunity (Op) shop could help you solve your decorative needs as they often give you a bang for your buck. If the items you find in these shops are not up to your expectations, why not modify them to make them personalised?

Plan an outdoor activity

If you absolutely hate being lonely for Christmas, why not plan an outdoor activity for yourself? You could have a nice day out by the beach or park instead of spending the day groaning at home. Don’t forget to pack your favourite food and drinks along for a picnic!

Chat with your loved ones

For those who are far away from home, it’s a great idea to phone your loved ones to wish them “Merry Christmas”. If your loved ones are not busy, you could also organise an online chat session. With the internet, it’s been even easier than ever to see your loved ones live on this festive season. Try ‘Skype’. It’s a free and easy way to video chat with your loved ones.

Have a home make-over

If you have been staring at that same old boring home interior for the past 5-10 years, maybe it’s time for a home make-over. You can get some ideas for home interiors from interior design or women magazines. If it’s too hard to get your hands on these magazines, just search for inspirations online. There are many websites and blogs dedicated to home interior designs. And it’s a good time to buy things to decorate your home during the Christmas season because many shops will have goods at heavily discounted prices. Just a bit of shopping around and bingo! You’re on your way to a totally new year with a totally new home look.

Play your favourite holiday songs

Just listening to your favourite Christmas songs could help to bring the festive cheers to your home. So listen to them all day long, especially on the celebration day!

Accept Invitations

Count yourself blessed if you have gotten invitations from friends who have invited you to their  family gatherings and never turn down an invitation unless you have already said “Yes” to another friend’s party. Going to such outings will help you to get out of the house and stop you from feeling lonely!

Invite Friends for a Meal

If you have not gotten any invitations for parties, maybe it’s time for you to plan your own bash. Are they any friends or neighbours who you can think of that are probably spending a lonely Christmas this year? Just invite them to your house for a meal. If it’ll be too costly for you to supply all the food and drinks, suggest to them to have a potluck party instead!

To all my readers, I’d like to take this opportunity to a great end of year celebration for 2014. I hope this article has helped to spark some ideas on what do the lonely do at Christmas. Always remember – You may be celebrating this season alone, but you can be still happy!Hope you have a really joyous occasion this season because you deserve it!

Caroline Poh

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