Quick House Spring Cleaning Tips for Lazy People

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It’s no fun spending the whole weekend spring cleaning your house, especially when you had a busy and stressful week! Weekends are meant for relaxing. I wouldn’t want to waste my entire weekend scrubbing the floor and cleaning every single nook of the house. Would you? I guess you wouldn’t either.

Cleaning the house is a tiring and dreadful activity for many of us. However, we all love clean homes and the price to pay is a good few hours of house spring cleaning.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could discover the short cuts to achieve a cleaner home in minutes?

Here are some simple tricks for a quick house spring cleaning that you can do anytime. I have to admit that this will not give you the same squeaky clean home that you will achieve with a thorough clean. But it’s better than not cleaning your house at all!

Below are my tips:-

How to Achieve a Cleaner House in Minutes

1. Change to Clean Bed sheets and Pillow Coverings

Nothing beats the sweet smells of clean bed sheets, blankets and pillow coverings. So toss your dirty bed sheets, blankets and pillow coverings and replace them with clean ones.

2. Clean Your Work Area

Use a lightly dampened microfiber cloth to wipe your computer, television screens and mouse pads.

3. Purge the Fridge

Get rid of any unwanted food from your refrigerator. Then, wipe your shelves with a damp cloth. This will get rid of any smells from the fridge.

4. Deal with Garbage Odours

Empty your garbage cans. Quickly hose them with water. Then, leave them upside down to dry to get rid of the unwanted odours.

5. Clean Your Oven

Spray the insides of your oven with oven spray. Follow the instructions on the spray can and you’ll have a sparkling clean oven in no time!

6. Sanitize the Sink

Clean your sink with soap and water. Then spray it with some vinegar. Then spray hydrogen peroxide onto the sink. Let the sink to air dry.

7. Clean the Bathroom

Give a quick wipe to your bathtub, toilet and mirrors.

8. Mop Your Kitchen and Bathroom Floor

Start from the right side of your stove. Then slowly move your mop in a circular motion around the kitchen. After that, continue by mopping the bathroom floor.

Have I left out anything? I’m sure I did! In fact, I’ve left out a lot more house cleaning duties. This calls for a thorough clean when you have the time and energy. *grin*

But in the meantime, try these simple tricks if you want a cleaner home while still enjoying the rest of the weekends!

Did you find these spring cleaning tips useful? Got other tips to share?

Caroline Poh

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