My Christmas Dinner Menu for 2014

Christmas feast

My scrumptious Christmas feast for 2014

It seems like ages since I last cooked a Christmas dinner feast. For the past few years, I took a step back from cooking for Christmas as my husband and I enjoyed attending Christmas gatherings organised by our dear friends. However, this year, my husband and I had a quiet Christmas as we did not go anywhere.

Our Christmas dinner menu for this year was buttered potatoes with herbs, steamed prawns with seafood sauce, garden salad and not forgetting the all-important – roast turkey and gravy!

I have always wanted to cook roast turkey, but I was put off by the thought of roasting a whole turkey and having to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weeks after Christmas because there are only two people who will be eating the roast turkey – my husband and I!

Just last year, I was introduced to a small portioned (1kg) ready-roast turkey breast. So when I got the opportunity to cook for Christmas this year, I jumped at the opportunity to make my roast turkey with this ready-roast pack.

ready roast turkey in packaging

Ready roast turkey in its packaging

This is what the ready-roast turkey breast looks like in its packaging. There are different brands sold in the supermarkets in Australia. I settled with Steggles at it was the cheapest available in the supermarket near my house.

raw ready roast turkey

Raw ready-roast turkey

This is what it looks like after you have opened the packaging. My first expression was, where is the turkey skin! It’s not a roast without the skin. However, I followed the packet instructions and it turned out anyway. Cooking this roast is very easy, but it is very time consuming.

Cooked ready roast turkey

Ready-roast turkey out of the oven

This is what it looks like once it is cooked. You will need to rest the turkey for 10-15 minutes prior to eating it to make sure the meat is moist and tender. I covered the meat with foil to ensure that the meat is still warm by the time I eat it.

sliced roast turkey

Sliced roast turkey

The meat turned out really tender and well-seasoned, though a tad bit salty for my tastebuds. The turkey tasted great with homemade gravy made with the turkey drippings and apple sauce. However, I still prefer eating roast turkey with stuffing that is made from scratch. Nevertheless, this ready-roast is a good substitute for people with small families.

What am I cooking for Christmas next year? Maybe roast duck this time! We’ll see…

Caroline Poh

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