How to Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro

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Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to pack so many things into your bag after a vacation but found that they could not fit into your small luggage space? This has happened to me so many times! Have you ever wondered how to pack your luggage like a pro?

Just a few days ago, I was having huge dilemma packing my luggage before coming back after a long vacation at my home country, Malaysia. My shopping list kind of got out of control and I was given so many gifts for Christmas. So I ended up having to pack a lot more things to bring home than I initially expected. I even had to bring back a wok, wok cover and chiffon cake tins which took a lot of bag space!

Miraculously, my husband managed to pack everything with his brilliant packing skills!

I bet many of you have either resisted buying things that you really want, refused to accept gifts or left behind some of the things that you have bought during a vacation because of your limited suitcase space. So I thought it would be handy to give you some useful tips on how to pack your luggage like a pro!

Here are my suggestions:-

13 Best Ways to Maximise Your Luggage Space

1. Do not overpack your clothes

I learnt this the hard way. By packing too much clothes, you are limited the number of things you are able to buy or bring back from your memorable vacation. So, just bring enough for the number of days you are away. For example for a five day holiday, you would need to pack one pair of jeans (wear one on your journey towards the destination), three skirts, five t-shirts and two sets of pajamas. Of course, this suggested number of clothes will vary according to the individual.

2. Roll your soft clothes

You’ll be amazed at how much bag space you can actually save when you roll your clothes! So be smart and roll your soft clothes such as t-shirts, jeans, cotton pants and knitwear and enjoy more room to stuff in other things.

3. Fold your stiff clothes

Some stiff clothes such as cannot be rolled. So fold your stiff clothing such as cotton shirts, coats, skirts and dressy pants with care before packing them.

4. Pack the lighter shoes

For a typical holiday, you would normally need only three pair of shoes. They are a pair of sneakers, sandals and high heels. I’d suggest you to wear your sneakers on your journey towards your destination and pack the other two lighter pair of shoes in your bag.

5. Use resealable bags

Separate your cosmetics, hair products and skincare items by using resealable bags. You can squeeze these bags at the corners of your bag very easily.

6. Get travel bottles for toiletries

You’re not going to use an entire full bottle of shampoo, moisturizer or body soap. So it’s a good idea to invest in quality travel bottles for your toiletries. A small travel bottle worth of shampoo or body soap usually can last you for a week. Make sure that these bottles are leak proof, if not they’ll spill all over your bag!

7. Sort jewellery efficiently with a pill case

If I were you, I’d honestly be wearing the same jewellery for my entire vacation. I would usually just wear them on my journey to the destination instead of pack them in my bag. However, if you prefer to have different jewellery assortments for your vacation, it’s best for you to pack them in a pill case compartment so that you’ll find it easier to find them. Separate them by categories such as rings, bracelets and necklaces.

8. Stack your bras with underwear inside

Bras are very delicate as they will be prone to losing its original shape. To avoid this to happen, stack your bras on top of each other. Fold them into half and tuck your underwear inside your bra. Having your underwear inside your bra cups helps because it prevents the cups from folding inwards.

9. Stuff socks and hardy products inside your shoes

If you really don’t have any more space, you can always stuff your socks and non-breakable products inside your shoes too.

10. Pack your perfume in a sock

Avoid your perfume fragrance from filling your entire bag while avoiding any spillage and breakages by putting your perfume bottle inside a sock before putting them in your bag.

11. Put dirty laundry in compressor bags

I would admit that dirty laundry at the end of any trip is quite a nuisance. To avoid them from taking up too much space, fold them and put them in compressor bags. These bags will reduce their content volume tremendously while avoiding the laundry from making your bag and other clean clothes stink.

12. Insert small items in between nooks

Make full use of tiny nooks in between your clothes by squeezing in your underwear, belts and socks into them. You can also put your snake belts around the sides of your bag to cradle your clothes.

13. Wrap breakables with towel or clothes

Any breakables you are packing in your bag should be place in the middle of your bag. Wrap them with your towel or clothes to reduce the impact on them so that they do not break.

These are just some of the ways on how to pack your bag wisely to save space. I’m sure there are probably more tips around. But these are the only ones I can think of!

Did you find my tips useful? Do you have other tips on how to pack your bag like a pro? Feel free to share them.

Caroline Poh

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