Quick and Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Seconds

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Do you love the thought of heading out of your home every single day with a stylish hairdo to face your colleague and friends? Has lack of time been holding you back from making your hair look great especially before attending an important gathering or function? Then you might want to learn how to create simple hairdos.

Below is a list of my favourite quick and easy hairstyles for long hair. You may get some useful hair ideas from my recommendations. These quick hairstyles include quick weave, ponytail and braided hairstyles. I’ve even included links to my resources so that you can visit these websites to read through their tutorials.

Easy Hairdos You Can Do in Seconds

1. Flower Braid

Flower braid

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To make a flower braid, simply take a small section of hair at the top of your head and tie it into a ponytail. Then turn braid this section of your hair. Then turn it around into a bun.

Get more information from www.cosmopolitan.com

2. Hair Knot

Hair Knot

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This hairstyle is good for those who like to wear conservatively, but would still want to display a modern twist. To achieve this hairdo, simply part your hair in to two parts. Then tie both sides of your hair into a simple knot. After that, create a braid and tuck in the braid into the parted section of your hair.

Learn in detail how to do this style at cutediyprojects.com

3. Easy Curls

Easy curls

(photo credit: www.cosmopolitan.com)

This type of hairstyle looks so elegant and classic. They go well with any type of dressing. To achieve this look, simply tie your hair into a ponytail. Then, divide your hair into two parts. Curl the first half of your hair with a curling device. Next, repeat with the second part. Lastly, let down your hair and arrange it with your fingers.

Find the tutorial to this hairstyle at www.cosmopolitan.com

4. Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail

(photo credit: cupofjo.com)

To make this unique ponytail, split your hair into two sections. One section should contain ¾ of your hair, the other part should have ¼ of your hair. Tie a ponytail with the larger section of your hair. Then twist the smaller section away from your head as tightly as you can. Use this twisted section to wrap your ponytail and around the bottom of your hair. Lastly, pin the twisted hair in place.

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5. The Half Up French Braid

The Half up French Braid

(photo credit: cutediyprojects.com)

To do the half up French braid, you need to separate your hair into two sections. Use the top part of one of the sections to make a braid. Then pin this braid towards the back of the other section that is untouched.

6. The Knotted Pony

The knotted pony

(photo credit: thebeautydepartment.com)

This style is unlike your normal looking pony. To get this hairdo, separate your hair into two sections. The section from the back should be pulled forward. Then tie your hair into a simple knot. Use a transparent elastic to tie your hair and slide it upwards to conceal it. For extra security, use bobby pins too.

If you are still unsure, you may want to check out the complete tutorial at thebeautydepartment.com

7. The Boho Crown Braid

The boho crown braid

(photo credit: allforfashiondesign.com)

This classical looking crown braid goes well especially for formal dinners. For more information on how to do this hairstyle, visit allforfashiondesign.com

8. The Tease and Tie

the tease and tie

(photo credit: thebeautydepartment.com)

This simple hairstyle only requires you a few minor steps. First, create a deep side part for your hair. Then, tease your crown area for additional volume. Lastly, braid or twist the lowest parts of your front hair. Then tie it with a clear elastic.

To know exactly how to do this hairdo, you can read the tutorial at thebeautydepartment.com

9. The Fancy Bun

The Fancy Bun

(photo credit: allforfashiondesign.com)

This stylish hairdo is perfect for practically any type of function. They go well for proms, gala dinners, formal occasions and even award nights. Learn how to do this hairstyle at allforfashiondesign.com

10. The Twisted Halo

The twisted halo

(photo credit: www.cosmopolitan.com)

This type of hairstyle is especially popular during weddings. Don’t limit them to weddings though. They can also be used for any other occasion. To achieve this hairdo, take two small sections of your hair from the top sides of your head. Then twist one side and pin it. After that, continue by twisting and pinning the other side to your overall hair. Make sure the two twisted sides overlap each other.

A detailed tutorial to do this hairdo can be found at www.cosmopolitan.com

11. Lacebraided Updo

Lacebraided updo

(photo credit: allforfashiondesign.com)

This is a classical looking hairdo that requires quite a number of steps. But it’s worth it. To learn how to do this hairstyle, simply visit allforfashiondesign.com

This concludes my suggestions for quick and easy hairstyles you can do in seconds. Did you like any of the hairdos mentioned? Or do you have any other recommendations?



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