What to do with damaged pot lid knobs?

pot lid knob back

The worn-out pot lid knob

I still remember the time when I first moved out of my family house to start my new life as a college student in the city. Cooking has always been a favourite activity in my family. Hence, when I moved out of my family house, it was only normal for my parents to buy me my own set of pots and pans.

Although I shared these pots and pans with my sister who was living together with me at that time, I could still remember mom constantly reminding me to take good care of my pots and pans before I moved out.

Among all the advice she had given to me, I would never forget this one – “Never drop your pot lids or lose them. If anything happens to your pot lids, it’ll be hard to get another one that fits your pots exactly. Then you may have to get a new set.”

Hence, for all the years I have been cooking, I always made sure to take good care of my pot lids. So the problem of having broken pot lids never occurred to me.

But what happens when you have taken care of your pot lid but your pot lid knob gets worn-out in the end? Do you still need to buy a new pot and lid set?

That’s exactly what happened to my pot lid! The pot lid was in perfect condition but the pot lid knob plastic got loose and worn-out.

Reluctant to buy a new pot and lid set, my husband and I went to hunt for a new pot lid that could hopefully fit our well-loved pot. Unfortunately, we found out that a pot lid cover would have cost us around $10, just slightly cheaper than a new pot and lid set that would have cost us around $14.

Being the thrifty person that I am, I decided to use the pot lid of my other pot (which was much bigger than the damaged pot lid) until my pot finally needs replacing.

That was how I cooked… till my husband found this pot lid knob replacement at a kitchen shop near our house!

It was really cheap – just a few dollars. So it saved us from spending over $10 to get a new pot lid and pot set which we didn’t really need.

caption id=”attachment_226″ align=”alignleft” width=”4000″]pot lid knob replacement New pot lid knob[/caption]

If you’re curious to see – this is what the pot lid knob replacement looks like. It’s stainless steel.

old pot lid knob front

My old pot lid knob front

And this is what my old pot lid knob looked like. It’s half stainless steel and half plastic.

pot lid knob back

The worn-out pot lid knob

As you can see, the plastic groove of the old knob was worn-out so it cannot grip the pot lid anymore. So if I did not solve this, I would not have been able to use the lid entirely.

pot lid without knob

My old pot lid without knob

This is what the pot lid looks like before assembling the new pot lid knob. All you need to replace the pot lid knob is a simple screwdriver. You will just need to use it to tighten the new knob to the pot lid.

pot lid with new knob

The old pot lid with new knob

Then, Hey Presto! You now have a brand-new looking pot lid with a new knob!

While using the new pot knob, I found that it functioned pretty much the same as the old pot lid knob. However, because it is entirely stainless steel, the knob gets quite hot when cooking. So I need to use a cloth to open the lid.

I think the next time I get a new pot lid knob, I’ll get one with half stainless steel and half plastic – like my old pot lid knob.

Hope you have found this post useful and will continue cooking with your beloved pot for many more years to come despite having damaged pot lid knobs!


Caroline Poh

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