Why Do We Want it All?


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Let’s face it. The world is evolving and the same goes for our roles as women in this modern day society. Gone were the days when women were expected to quit their jobs once they got married or after giving birth to their firstborn. From being labelled as ‘economically inactive’ some 60 years ago, the definition of being a woman has changed tremendously over the years.

More and more women are becoming prominent key figures in society – holding multiple positions in politics, organisations and companies. Some have also become successful entrepreneurs. According to a write-up from Harvard Graduate School of Education, women make up 50% of the workforce and are getting married and giving birth later in life. Even after childbirth, most women are choosing to continue working and contributing towards their family economic well-being. It is without a doubt that traditional gender roles have changed and a woman’s place is no longer merely centred on the home.

But wait. Before we start holding our champagne glasses up high to toast and to celebrate the success of women in closing the gap of gender equality, let’s not get carried away.

Women are much freer now to make their own choices, go where they want to go and reach towards whatever ambition they have set themselves to achieve. But with all this freedom comes extra pressure. This is pressure to achieve a successful career, upkeep a stable and happy family, maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle as well as portray a positive self image to others.

This is the life of a modern day women.

We are the go-getters in terms of achieving our career dreams, family anchor and beauty queen wannabes. We work but never forget our traditional responsibilities of caring for the family. We are the chauffeur, cook, first aider, counsellor and source of income for our families. Despite juggling a busy schedule with work and family, we are expected to have a good sense of humour and youthfulness, be diplomatic at all times and be even tempered no matter the circumstances.

Because of our freedom being in the public sphere, we have extra pressure to look fabulous despite the number of hours we get to sleep daily. This includes the need to have perfectly tamed hair, flawless skin, glowing or sparkling eyes as well as zero eye bags and wrinkles. We must also keep up with fashion trends and social media topics so that we are not considered ‘outdated’ or ‘boring’. And the list goes on and on.

Basically, we must always give the public the impression that our lives are totally under control and we that can achieved it all – a balanced career, family and lifestyle.

So the questions are, “Why do we want it all?” and “Are we trying to bite off more than we can chew?” Well, maybe.

Some of us may wish that we could lead the simple life of yesteryears. Unfortunately, times have changed and so has our roles in society. We now have less time to achieve more things than ever before.

So how is all this possible anyway? Technology is the answer.

Women in the olden days do not have high-tech equipments to make their household chores easier. They do not have access to the internet to help them learn how to solve a problem better or modern best kitchen appliances to help them whip up a meal in minutes or even social media to help them keep up with the current trends and latest news. This is what we have!

With our hectic schedules, it is even more vital for us to take care of our health. Healthy meals are a must alongside with natural home remedies to keep us on our toes and give us that extra boost of energy.

Spending money is unavoidable. But learning how to stretch the dollar with useful money tips can come in handy especially when you need to save money for that family vacation, beauty treatment, spa, outfit or jewellery that you have been eyeing on for months!

Times have changed. But we should never forget to treasure our feminine qualities and responsibilities. We need to make full use of the technologies available for our advantages and to improve the quality of our lives.

To all the lovely go-getters out there, I hope you will find Colour it Bright a useful spot for you to find tips and trick to living the life as a high-flying woman in today’s society. Hold on tight, because we are all on a journey of discovery!



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